PA1800412 Videos

Video footage collected from Game and Sportfishing Charters - Makaira Game Fishing Charters Broome

2016 Sailfish and Marlin season
A few highlights from 2016

Footage from a few trips to Rowely Shoals in 2016

2015 Sailfish season!
Some awesome action captured throughout the 2015 season

Broome Billfish Classic 2015
Footage from the 5 day billfish competition in July 2015

Sherington Ventures Build Trip Oct 2015
Video from a 3 day charter in in october chasing Sails and getting a feed of reef fish

Casting the Fly at free feeding Sails


Sam and Gerards Fishing Charter on 2nd June 2015 - Broome
Footage from an awesome day charter off Broome with Sam and Gerard fishing for Sailfish. The boys 
nailed 6 for the day and the weather was sensational! 

Sailfish action during April 2015 in Broome 
Some footage from a charter in April 2015. The fishing was going off and the boys had a big morning 
catching 10 Sailfish in a 2.5 hour session before they went quiet. 

3 day charter in Broome October 2014 
The boys sent through some gopro footage of their 3 day charter in Broome in October 2014. Fishing was 
pretty good and we released 14 Sailfish and 2 Black Marlin during the charter. We also got into some
Cobia and Mackies. 

Broome and Exmouth 
A collection of footage of Blue, Black and Striped Marlin, and Sailfish from Fishing Charters during 
2012-2013 in Broome and Exmouth. 

Catching Sailfish out of our Barra Boat!

NPS Heavy Tackle Tournament Exmouth 2012 
Footage from the 2012 NPS Heavy Tackle Tournament in Exmouth where Makaira Game Fishing managed Runners 
Up! Anglers Seb and Dee did an excellent job tagging 5 Blue Marlin and a Black Marlin in what was 
sometimes challenging weather conditions. 

Broome Billfish Classic 2012
Footage compiled from the Kingswood Marine Broome Billfish Classic 2012 where Team Makaira came runners
up overall

Exmouth GAMEX & AIBT 2012
Footage compiled from the 2012 GAMEX and AIBT Tournaments in Exmouth
It was a slow tournament with mainly small blacks being caught, with a nicer sized one towards the end.