The Skipper

Jourdain (Jeda) Ellens-  Master Class 5/Skipper Grade 3 & MED Grade 2′

1211 Skipper

“When he’s not fishing, he’s fishing!” – Veronica (Jeda’s Wife)

Fishing since he could walk, a background in commercial fishing and working in the Broome Fishing Charter industry for 10 years, Jeda has gained an invaluable wealth of fishing knowledge from both the East and West coasts of Australia.

Being based in Broome since 2008 and spending 200+ days per year on the water, Jeda has an expert understanding of the local conditions and fish species.

His passion and love for the sport drives him to get the most out of each day on the water. Its not just a job for Jeda, it’s a lifestyle. If he doesn’t have a charter on you can bet you’ll see him out there fishing anyway!