For those not wishing to target sailfish, the Sportfishing around Broome has been quite good lately. A few weeks ago, while the water was a little warmer, there where masses of large Queenfish on all of the inshore lumps, which were providing good entertainment on light surface gear. The Queenfish tend to thin out a little now until the water starts to warm again around September.

Spanish Mackerel have been consistent as usual here in Broome with big numbers of fish holding on most of the grounds, with a few particularly large models amongst them. There has also been masses of mid sized Long-Tail Tuna on hand to cast slices or stick baits at on any given day.

For those wishing to take home something tasty, soft plastics worked slow along the reefs and lumps have resulted in Bluebone, Coral Trout, Snapper and the odd Fingermark!