As the water temp began to heat up as we moved into September, so did the fishing! The sails started to aggregate around the Northern Grounds of Broome in Pods of 5-20 fish. However, this year the sharks were worse then usual. This hampered fishing a little bit as many days we only spent mornings chasing the sails and left them alone once the sharks started honing in on the hooked fish. Most of these afternoons where then spent chasing sportfish. Most days throughout Sept-Nov saw us releasing anywhere between 3 and 15 Sails per day with a sprinkling of Black Marlin amongst them.

As the bait became thicker, more and more sportfish started to move in and we encountered schools of Cobia, Mackies, Tuna and Queenies on a daily basis. This kept us more then entertained on those afternoons that we left the Sailfish in peace!

Hopefully the sharks aren’t too bad towards the end of the 2015 season so we can get another crack at some of the awesome numbers of fish we experienced during October 2013 were we where releasing 30-40 Sails per day!!!