May and June has seen an absolutely phenomenal start to the Broome Sailfish season! We have been regularly enjoying days of 5-12 Sailfish and only a very small hand full of slower days has seen us encountering less then 5 sails for a day.

The Sails are in close on some off Broome’s inshore grounds at the moment, and they are hanging around giant schools of juvenile Long Jaw Mackerel. Most days we are seeing multiple pods of up to 10+ Sails carving up the surface of the ocean as they feed on these small baitfish! Its just a matter of driving up to them and pitching a small bait in front of their nose and away you go!

Our Sailfish count is rapidly rising and it is shaping up to be a bumper season for Broome! Get in contact now if you are interested in being a part of our awesome fishery this year as we are booking up fast!