On the 3rd November Greg Nickolson decided to book a day out with us and try his hand at switch baiting sailfish. On the run out to the grounds he was telling me about the vast amount of fishing he does around the areas I used to fish back in South Australia, but had never targeted Billfish before. The session that followed was an amazing experience for Greg that any seasoned sailfish angler would be proud of, let alone someone doing it for the first time!

We throttled off at the southern end of the shoal we where to fish for the day and set the spread of teasers. I then ran Greg through the process of how to switch bait off the teasers. It only took about 20 minutes before we had a solid sail up which, with a little coaching, was switched perfectly and tagged 10 minutes later. Greg was ecstatic with his first every capture of a Sail. The next two hours were dead slow as we worked our way north along the shoal… I was beginning to think the fish had vanished! Late morning some 7 miles further north we came across a patch of free jumping sails and all hell broke lose. For the next two hours there was barely a moment when Greg wasn’t attached to a fish. He went on the finish the day with a perfect conversion of 10 from 10 bites. He didn’t miss a single bite or drop a hooked fish! This is an unbelievable achievement for any angler in a day, let alone someone having a crack for the first time!! The fish were so hot I even took the opportunity to pitch a bait a sailfish swimming past the boat while Greg was hooked up, which was quite exciting getting a double with only two of us on the boat. So we ended out day with a total of 11 fish and left them biting for the fairly long run home.