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Bluewater – Sailfish & Black Marlin

The waters around Broome are a Sailfish paradise. Between the months of April to September the water temperature hovers between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius and close in to shore the bait schools are thick!

During this time of year days releasing 5-10 sails are common and from mid July we also see good numbers of Black Marlin arrive on the grounds.

We target these speedsters of the ocean by switch baiting off teasers with both live and dead baits. It is an awesome rush as we tease fish right up to the back of the boat before the angler presents the bait.

It is a very visual form of fishing so polarised sunglasses are a must have item for all anglers!

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Bluewater – Sportfish

The rich tropical water of Broome are bursting with sportfish. Schools of Spanish Mackerel and Long Tail Tuna are regularly chopping up bait. Golden Trevally and Cobia are usually found along the coastal reefs and Queenfish are often hanging on shallow bombies or patrolling the flats.

If dinner is on your mind, the inshore and offshore reefs offer plenty of delicious options such as Coral Trout, Blue Bone, Red Emperor and Rankin Cod just to name a few.

Casting poppers, working soft plastics or trolling are the main techniques we employ to get your arms stretched on some of these predators.

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 There are 6 main creeks and some 40km of tidal flats all within a short boat ride from Broome.

Barramundi are the main target here and we often troll lures, cast lures or live bait for them depending on the conditions.

The Bay is home to many other fishing options too; sight casting for Triple Tail, casting soft vibes for Threadfin Salmon, dropping soft plastics or bait onto shallow reefs for Finger Mark and Mulloway  … the list goes on!

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Fly Fishing

Broome’s rich diversity of fish offers some great opportunities on fly.

Inshore pelagic species such as Queenfish and Long Tail Tuna are plentiful, and Broome’s large population of Sailfish makes it an ideal location to nail on one fly.

In winter, when the winds are offshore, sight casting to schools of Permit on the shallow flats offers an awesome challenge.

Once the winds swing onshore in summer there are some fly options in the bay too. Permit are feeding on juvenile crabs on the surface and on calm mornings Triple Tail offer exciting sight casting as they stalk the shallow mud flats.

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